Gooseneck Plates & Adapters

Gooseneck Plates

If you’re looking to take your towing to the next level, Caple Shaw offers a gooseneck plate adapter for a 5th wheel setup. This setup is, in essence, a gooseneck hitch that mounts into 5th wheel rail sets just like a trailer hitch. This gives you the power and tools necessary to pull both 5th wheel trailers and gooseneck trailers with the same rig. These plates are the epitome of versatility for towing, and are made to resist wear and tear, rust, and scratching.

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    • CSI Stock # BUYG9003
    • Product Name Gooseneck Rectractable Ball ...
    • Buyers Part # G9003
    • Mfg Buyers Products Co
    • Weight 34 lbs
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    • CSI Stock # BUYG9542
    • Product Name Gooseneck Hitch Plate With 2...
    • Buyers Part # G9542
    • Mfg Buyers Products Co
    • Weight 56 lbs
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